Friday, December 16, 2011

Geisha Dreams Elite

Geisha Dreams Elite group, something for that customer that wants more from their shopping experience.

This is a paid group the fee is 2000L one time charge. This concierge service group offers the advantages listed below:

Welcome package that changes seasonally. Usually a set of two or more items, that are only made available to the group.

Exclusive Group only Items at special group prices

50% store credit on L$ purchases of all new items for week of release.

Group Gifts

Private pre seasonal Trunk show with invite for member and a guest of their choosing.

50% store credit on all Trunk Show L$ purchases

Trunk Show items available weeks before made available in store.

Free samples of Nude skin releases

20 L$ on all L$ store credit or more on all purchases

These are just the some of the advantages of being a Geisha Dreams Elite Member. Feel free to contact inworld for more information.
After buying your Elite Membership package send an IM to Zoe Duvall for membership.

This winter season gift

GD: Elite - Winter 2011 Exclusive set

This winter for our exclusive set, a pop of color came to mind. Something bright to chase away the winter blahs in refreshing hues. The set includes the "Without Thorns" Furisode and "Frosted Mountain" haori.

Without Thorns furisode, features a lace accented eri (lace removable), tateya obi and menu optional mons, datte-eri, obiage and juban. The furisode is in a classic kimonon green with roses lightly frosted and displayed on a white ombre cloud.

Frosted Mountain haori is a simple style that can accent many kimono choices. The design is of a large mountain scene on the back accented by pine bundles on the sleeves. All done white dye resist calling forth the chill of winter.

Both are tied together with a bold black obi featuring large winter motif squares.
Please enjoy your virtual kitsuke, the art of wearing a kimono.

~Aryanna DeCuir~

Geisha Dreams 

Back with a Bang!!

I know we have been quiet on the blog front for a while, but time to shake it back up.

New location! New Items ! New Look !
Same old commitment to quality and beautiful elegance.
~ Aryanna ~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ichimaru is here!

Inspired by the ideology of one of my favorite geisha circa 1920's.

There are seven skin tones and various collections including oshiroi (geisha makeup).

Collection includes:

Bihaku- beautiful white, a celebration of the ideology of the ephemeral japanes beauty with porcelain skin.

Tone 1 thru 6

Each tone with it's own oshiroi, geisha make up in all ranks.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Botan Glory!

Aioki Powders

Minarai natural look with soft dusting of rice powder and glossed lips.

To accentuate a minarai's transition slowly into the world of oshiroi makeup (white makeup geisha wears), I tried to balance the effect of a soft matte white rice powder, khol lined eyes and glossy lips barely done inside the lip line hinting towards the lip styles of the seasoned artisan.This line embodies the promise of what is to come.
Four skintones, with hairline, bald and freckles option. Lights kit feature tone 1 & 2 in all options. Darks kit feature tone 3 & 4 in all options.

Available in Stores
Sweet Red
Sweet Pink
Sweet Nude
Sweet Berry

Geisha Dreams Skins Group Gift March

Aioki has made her debut as a pretty spring minarai.

For March 2010 group gift 1 there will be samplings of the aioki tones in nude makeup available free to group members only.

Aioki available in stores
Powdered Skins
Oshiroi Skins
Regular Makeups

Group Info

I currently have a subscribomatic located in main stores. This is to enable you to touch and be added or removed from a database that allows you to be updated on releases sales etc and an occasional gift.

There is also a SL group Geisha Dreams Skins. This group takes up a group space so it comes with perks. For a one time fee of 400L you join the group and recieve free copies of the nude versions of the skins available and new styles. Random group only makeups and other free items released in store. You get to preview new things, Group only MM Board, Lucky chairs and group only special sales.

Group only gifts available at the Emporium and Mini Emporium only.